Ed Cluster Goals

I.    Develop a community for those dedicated to the improvement of education

Develop people connections

A.    Provide support & share knowledge with each other

1.    Have a company/group give presentation

This is very helpful

2.    Discuss Best Practices

3.    Discuss what 3 top common problems or priorities

4.    Identify a successful similar company (someone not here)

a.    Analyze why successful;  what can we learn from them.

5.    Take a topic and brainstorm to get ideas on how diff companies handle this

6.    Website for sharing information

a.    Start a Yahoo group to ask questions anytime

7.    Support each others' businesses  - put each others company names on our websites

8.    Help each other identify pilot and beta sites

B.    Interact with educators/customers

1.    Identify ways as a group we can support local schools

2.    Get educators involved in the cluster

a.    Invite educators to talk

(1)    what they need

(a)    what need

(2)    what hard for them doing business

b.    Next speaker?  Tech Dir of Austin TX (now at learning.com)

(1)    Suggest questions ahead of time

(2)    Also maybe Scott from Portland SDistrict

C.    Get new members

1.    Send out press releases

2.    Invite others

a.    Include other Oregon areas

(1)    Salem/Eugene

(2)    Vancouver

b.    Kindercare, InFocus, Intel, HOST, Renaissance

3.        Get Oregonian to include 25 top ed businesses


II.    Continuous learning

A.    Discuss bigger topics

1.    Future of NCLB

2.    Will 1:1 happen?

3.    Digital divide

4.    Barriers to selling to schools

a.    Build trust

5.    Why Ed market important

a.    More problems with revenue

b.    Important to society

c.    New delivery technologies

B.    Other sources of information

1.         SIIA


III.    Unite efforts to achieve greater levels of positive change together than able to do separately

A.  Put on a symposium at NECC as a cluster

B.           Is there a state initiative for us to connect into? 

Think locally to schools -- purchase locally.

C.     NOT for stealing employees from each other






IV.          Steps to achieve objectives moving forward

A.   For each meeting -- 3 to 4 people volunteer to plan agenda